October 2018 Islip Crossfit Member Spotlight

Congratulations to Michelle Perino! Your continued hard work and dedication has earned you this month’s member spotlight! You are a wonderful example of an athlete who takes advice and applies it properly. Michelle has really begun to push herself in workouts beyond her comfort zone to work even harder and put her strength to the test. We can all see it’s paying off!

And, don’t worry we’ll continue to let you win all the runs 🙂

A word from her coaches….

Michelle is awesome! She’s been a member for almost 4 years and I remember when she first came in, she insisted she was only a runner and wanted to add CrossFit into her training. (temporarily) Well since then, she’s pushed her limits far beyond running. She’s worked so hard and learned double unders, pull ups, toes to bar and is great with a barbell! But most importantly, she is in a tight race with Sania for the best weightlifting faces!!!  Despite the fact she classifies herself as a runner, she’s gotten crazy strong and has a sick shoulder vein 🙂 Congrats Michelle! –Coach Nick

In just a few months in getting to know Michelle I have seen her ups and her downs. From a challenging day at front squats to the rewarding feeling of getting double unders!!! Even on a bad day she comes in smiling and her energy is contagious. Her hard work has really shown these last few weeks, keep it up Michelle! –Coach Trish



  • I am 28 years old, born and raised in Islip, NY. I work for the Lindenhurst School District, this year as a 4th grade teacher. I have always enjoyed exercising and running.



  • What brought you to Islip CF? How long have you been doing CrossFit?

A groupon brought me to Islip CF originally. Ha. I walked in asking if crossfit will help me become a better/faster runner. Steve Bider laughed at me and said, yea Crossfit will make you better, but not at running. I did a trial WOD, loved it and never looked back. That was sometime around January 2015. Before crossfit I had a membership to Planet Fitness and would go once a month to get  my $10 worth, and spend the entire hour there on the treadmill or elliptical. I hated when people tried to talk to me there because I was really focusing on that 45 minutes of running… I remember cancelling my membership in person and the sales clerk asking me what the reason for cancelling was. I smiled really big and said, “I joined crossfit.”


  • What was your first CF workout? What did you think after it?

I have no idea what my first workout was. I remember liking it though, so I know there were no wall balls, or deadlifts. I also remember being so sore I couldn’t walk the first few weeks after starting. My mom kept asking me if I was sure this is healthy?! LOL


  • Most embarrassing/funniest gym moment?

I think one of my funniest gym moments was climbing the rope to the tippy top for the first time, drunk, in cowboy boots after one of the wine tours. (With drunk Karl underneath slurring that he’d catch me if I fell haha)

Another pretty funny or embarrassing moment was when I decided to try a muscle up for the first time. It was the last movement in an Open workout and I had ten minutes to do nothing but try. So I chicken winged myself up, hooked my body over the bar, and very ungracefully, got a muscle up or two, with the whole gym laughing watching.


  • Favorite movement? Least favorite? Benchmark WOD?

I really love handstand push ups, overhead squats and toes to bar. I really hate deadlifts and wall balls. I also really love Murph.


  • Favorite memory OR most memorable moment at Islip Crossfit? (could be a PR moment or an event etc.)

During the first internal comp, I deadlifted 205 lbs. I remember Mike Longobardo, my judge, double and triple counting the weight because he didn’t expect “Little Michelle” to be able to lift that much.


  • Favorite workout music? Eminem (I like country, just not to workout to)


  • How do you find/make time to get your workouts in?

This started off easy for me, since I could teach and get to the 4pm or 5pm everyday, no questions asked. I worked and went to the gym, and had no social life. Super convenient for working out.  About a year ago though, I had this crazy idea of buying my own home, which has subsequently made me take on a few extra jobs, which is super inconvenient for working out. So now I could be at the 6am, 9am or 5pm depending on where and when I’m working that day. At times, I was too tired to get to the gym, but then wasn’t sleeping well at night, or felt gross. So, I’ve made the gym, as Jeanann would call it, “non-negotiable.” I do what I have to do, to make it there at least 5 days a week. It makes me feel good mentally and physically, so I schedule it in just like its another job.


  • What is your favorite part of Islip CrossFit?

I love the friends I’ve made here! I love the Halloween, and Christmas parties, the wine tours, birthday parties, paint nights, and beach wods. I can’t imagine working out anywhere else. I also know people who go to different crossfits and they don’t have nearly as much fun as we do!


  • What is your greatest achievement in your fitness so far?

Although I run a lot less now that I am lifting and crossfitting, my marathon is still by far my greatest achievement. I remember smiling the entire 26 miles and feeling confident in myself, thinking, “If I can survive death by burpees, I can run for 4 hours on flat land.” I wound up finishing faster than anticipated and had a huge crossfit cheering squad at the finish with flowers 🙂 I think I’ll do another marathon when Nick decides to do one too!


  • Short term goal? Long term goal?

Since I have mastered doubles finally, my short term goal is to get better at them, and not look like a maniac when I’m jumping. Long term, I really want butterfly pullups and consistent chest to bar (I got about a dozen chest to bar in the Lurong workout last week!).


  • What/Who motivates or inspires you?

My parents have always inspired me. They’ve both always worked out and still do. As a kid, I remember riding my bike next to my mom on her daily runs. As I grew up, I would run next to my parents, as they walked after dinner. Now, on the brink of retirement, my dad still sets his alarm for 4:30am to make sure he gets to the gym before work.

I also really love seeing couples crossfitting together. I hope to have that one day.



  • What changes have you made in your diet that have been the most successful?

Eating more plant based meals makes me feel good. Adding green smoothies makes me feel invincible.


  • What’s your go to breakfast?

I make spinach smoothies twice a week and overnight oats the other three days. I’m lost if I don’t have one of these to start my day. On the weekends, I splurge and eat a classic BEC sandwich.



  • Biggest Fear?

Getting injured and not being able to work out. Last December I sprained my ankle and was unable to work out for about a month. I went crazy. I couldn’t wait to get back to the gym for both my physical and mental health.


  • Best Vacation?

Hawaii a few years ago! I got to swim with dolphins (in the wild), visit Pearl Harbor, hike Koko Head mountain, whale watch, eat coconuts (off the tree) and learn to surf! Best trip ever.


  • Last pic on your phone?

My last picture is a super cute group shot from the wine tour of me, Jeannette, Mike, Christine, Rachel, Trish and Phil Papa with his eyes closed.


  • What’s the wallpaper on your phone right now?

Right now, my wallpaper is a sunset with the caption, “Have faith in yourself.” I think everyone knows I’m a mental case at the gym and high reps or long workouts intimidate me. This is true in all aspects of my life. I definitely underestimate myself and how much I can manage. I’m working on pushing myself to lift heavier at the gym, and worry less in general.


  • What’s in your most frequently used emoji tab? (get a screenshot)

My most used emojis currently are the girl hitting her hand to her forehead, like “doh”, and the girl holding her arms up, like “I don’t know what’s going on”. Story of  my life


  • What’s the last thing you searched for on Google?

Alex showed me that massager he has and I want it for Christmas. That’s my last searched on google.


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