May 2018 Member Spotlight

Congratulations to Chris, on his member spotlight this month. We are so proud seeing you show up in the mornings coming of an entire evening of work, it’s truly encouraging. You show us that no matter what the night had in store for you, you’re sticking to your goals and not taking the easy way out!  Your improvements have been widely noticed and we love to watch you get better day by day. You are extremely deserving of being spotlighted this month as your commitment to being an athlete and a regular guy trying to better himself every day is inspiring to all.

A word from the coaches…

Chris has had the most amazing process of anyone I’ve had the pleasure of coaching over the years. Since day 1, he’s asked questions regarding scaling and what he can do to get better. His effort inspires me to be better and I can’t wait to see how much further he can go. –Coach Nick


Chris has improved and evolved as an athlete so quickly and I find that is truly impressive. Chris is always willing to learn and grow as a athlete.  He listens to any coaching and has embraced all the ups and downs of improving. He has Improved faster than anyone I have ever seen. Congrats Chris! –Coach Andrew



  • Tell us about yourself
    • -Born and raised on Long Island, but a Pittsburgh fan when it comes to sports, Dad is from there. Went to college at Oswego where I found out what snow really was and I played rugby there.
  • What do you do out in the real world?
    • -I’m a cop in the city. Been doing it for eleven years now.


  • What brought you to Islip CF? How long have you been doing CrossFit?
    • Sam was always trying to get me into joining, but it can be overwhelming at first thinking about it. I finally just bit the bullet and tried it out and haven’t looked back since. I have been doing crossfit for about eight months now.
  • What was your first CF workout? What did you think after it?
    • To be honest I can’t remember what my first workout was, but I know I thought afterwards how out of shape I was. I just remember Nick was the coach and he asked me something like what my physical activity was and I was honest. I told him I hadn’t worked out in ten years.
  • What changes have you made in your workouts that have been the most successful?
    • I think the biggest change I have made is pacing. I still have trouble with it some days, but when I first started I would burn myself out early, especially when it came to rowing. I still remember a workout that started with rowing then something like push press. I flew off the rower, but ended up staring at my bar for what felt like an eternity before I picked it up.
  • Most embarrassing/funniest gym moment?
    • My most embarrassing moment came in probably one of my first ten workouts. It was back squats then finishing with a two minute sprint on the rower, if I remember correctly. It was my first time on the rower though and I missed the whole sprint part. So someone got me on the rower and just told me row for two minutes. I did a nice leisurely pace and when they came back at the end they went to check my calories. I don’t remember the number, but it obviously wasn’t very good because the tone of their voice when they told me wasn’t good. Probably where I developed my problem with pacing and rowing. I don’t think I have a funniest moment really. Unless you count how I probably looked when I first started.
  • Favorite movement? Least favorite? Benchmark WOD?
    • Right now my favorite movement is probably pull ups. I’m just starting to be able to string some together, though I still have plenty of work to do. I have two least favorites overhead squats and double unders. The reason definitely being it’s been so hard to make improvements. I don’t think I have a favorite benchmark WOD yet.
  • Favorite memory OR most memorable moment at Islip CrossFit?
    • The thing that sticks out in my mind would be just the other day we did overhead squats. Though I hate it, I was finally able to use the 45 pound bar with some weight on it instead of the training bar. Plus I actually felt like I was kind of getting it.
  • If you could program it, what is your perfect workout?
    • I love to hate long workouts that really make you question your life choices. A nice chipper or something with enough rounds where half way through you think to yourself how are you ever going to finish, but you just make yourself keep moving. Something where you make a nice big sweat angel as you lay on the floor trying to figure out if you are actually going to die this time.
  • Favorite workout music?
    • Probably the kind of music Phil plays when he coaches. Definitely not a rap fan.
  • Advice for a new member or someone thinking of trying CrossFit?
    • Just do it. It’s going be hard, but that’s the point. I’ll always remember when Nick told me it’s not supposed to be easy.
  • How do you find/make time to get your workouts in?
    • Most days I go right from work to the gym. I don’t go home and give myself the chance to sit and think about whether I want to work out or not that day.
  • What is your favorite part of Islip CrossFit?
    • I really love the camaraderie, people encouraging and helping each other. Also love that people want to get to know you and there are events outside of the gym where people can hang out and have fun. I have friends that go to other CrossFit gyms and they tell me they don’t do things like our wine tour or Christmas party.
  • What motivates you to keep coming back each day?
    • Bettering myself. Just wanting to do something a little faster or hitting a PR.
  • What is your greatest achievement in your fitness so far?
    • I think actually joining CrossFit in the first place. Just getting myself to do physical activity again instead of just making excuses as to why I shouldn’t.
  • What has been the most challenging part?
    • The hardest part was probably when I first started. Those aches and pains as my body got used to physical activity again. I think I only worked out maybe twice a week early on.
  • Short term goal? Long term goal?
    • For a short term goal I would love to be able to do a handstand. A crazy long term goal I guess would be to actually RX workouts.
  • What/Who motivates or inspires you?
    • Everyone motivates me when I’m working out. Seeing everyone suffering through the same thing I am. Seeing how fast people are and how much weight they lift makes me want to improve myself.


  • Favorite Cheat Meal?
    • I don’t really think I have a cheat meal. I pretty much eat and drink what I want when I want. Probably something I should work on. Though I do love tacos.
  • What changes have you made in your diet that have been the most successful?
    • Not sure if this counts, but I have been working on preparing meals ahead of time, planning things out. The clean eating challenge helped a lot with that.
  • What is the worst “diet” you’ve ever been on?
    • I don’t think I have ever been on a diet unless you count college cafeteria food. Probably didn’t eat very well.
  • What’s your go to breakfast?
    • Scrambled eggs. I buy a bunch of spinach, bacon and cauliflower rice. I cook it up in big batches ahead of time and have it ready in the fridge. So when breakfast rolls around I just heat it up in the pan before adding the eggs. Plus I love sir Kensington jalapeno ketchup on top. And if I’m feeling particularly fat I’ll throw some cheddar cheese in the scramble.
  • Do you eat before you workout? (If so, what?)
    • I have to eat something before a workout. I can’t work out on an empty stomach. Usually it’s a protein bar. I have been eating complete cookies before a workout recently.


  • Something no one at the gym knows about you?
    • I am a giant nerd. Like paint little models nerd.
  • Favorite Quote?
    • A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once. It’s kind of cheesy, but something my mom always said to me growing up. Certainly not that I don’t have any fears, just a reminder to work on them.
  • What Superhero are you?
    • If I’m hungry probably the Hulk. Don’t make me hangry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m hangry.
  • Biggest Fear?
    • Failing or making a mistake, but not really a huge fan of heights.
  • Best Vacation?
    • I love going on trips where there are breweries to visit. Anything where I can board, bike, go fishing, or go on a hike. I don’t do nearly enough of those things.
  • If you aren’t at the box, where would we find you?
    • Probably work or my bed.
  • If you won lotto, what would you do?
    • Pay off the house then I would love to hike the Appalachian trail in one go. Get in great shape and do the BC bike race. Go boarding and biking more. Probably just spend more time in the outdoors overall.
  • If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?
    • I would love to see Germany, visit all the old breweries there and try the food.
  • Who is your celebrity crush?
    • Probably Kaley Cuoco. Remember her back in her Charmed days.
  • Last pic on your phone?
    • An outdoor kitchen/BBQ area.
  • What’s the wallpaper on your phone right now?
    • A hop cone.
  • What’s in your most frequently used emoji tab? 
    • Big smiley face, and surprised face.
  • What’s the last thing you searched for on Google?
    • Marvel movies coming out. Just got done watching Infinity Wars.
  • Summarize your lifestyle in 5 words or less
    • Work, gym, trying to sleep

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