June 2017 Member Spotlight

We are SO proud to announce James Sweeney as the June member spotlight. It is evident in his daily WOD successes that this is well deserved. In the last year that James has been CrossFitting with us, his physical and mental appearance has improved tremendously. He’s strong AND fast…and he can walk on his hands! Pretty impressive.  James mentions below in his interview that one of his most memorable moments was finally getting butterfly pull-ups and that it would one day be when he gets his first muscle up…well, we were witness to his first 2 bar muscle-ups just yesterday! (and he did them with ease). Congratulations, James. Keep up the great work, you’re certainly headed in the right direction.




What do you do out in the real world?

I work in Good Samaritan Hospital full time in the operating room.  


What brought you to Islip CF? How long have you been doing CrossFit?

My parents got me started on CrossFit with a Groupon and once I started I was hooked.  I have been doing CF for a little more than a year all together.


What was your first CF workout? What did you think after it?

My first CF workout was actually Murph way before I actually started doing CF.  I couldn’t believe how shot I was after it.


What changes have you made in your diet or workouts that have been the most successful?

The biggest change in my diet has been giving up all sweets and junk food, I’ve realized a sleeve of cookies is a bit much in one sitting.  


Favorite Cheat Meal?

That would definitely be a chocolate shake


Most embarrassing/funniest gym moment?

I would have to say in the beginning everything was funny because I couldn’t do any of the movements, my elbows didn’t bend that way lol.


Favorite movement? Least favorite?

My favorite movement would have to be squats, it’s something I think I’m really good at.  The least favorite would be double unders.


Favorite memory OR most memorable moment at Islip Crossfit?

Favorite memory now is the day I got my butterflies down but that is only the favorite right now till I get a muscle up of course.  


What motivates you to keep coming back each day?

The goals I set for myself are what keeps me going.  I’m constantly wanting to better myself at everything I do.


What is your greatest achievement in your fitness so far?

 Definitely dropping the 25 lbs I’ve lost so far.


What has been the most challenging part?

Double unders and muscle ups grrr


What Superhero are you?

If you ask my son I’m the hulk and I guess I see the resemblance lol


Biggest Fear?

Losing my gains haha


Favorite workout music?

Anything rock.


Best Vacation?

My honeymoon was by far the best vacation so far.  Grenada, butler, balcony pool.  


Advice for a new member or someone thinking of trying CrossFit?

I would tell them it’s definitely worth a try and not to give up we all have to start somewhere and if you stick with it the results will come.


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