August Member Spotlight

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Caroline Denis

Islip Crossfit Member Spotlight

August 2017

Congratulations to our August member of the month, Caroline! She’s short but mighty, fierce and sweet, and she never shies away from a grueling WOD. We are so excited to honor Caroline this month as she has proven to be a member who puts in hard work day after day and never gives up on her goals. She not only shows up for herself, she shows up for her peers as well by always cheering us on, yelling, supporting, and motivating us to keep going hard. Oh, and she’s a damn good time outside of the gym too 🙂 Congratulations, Caroline- we are so very proud of you!

A few words from our coaches…
“So why did I choose Caroline?  As in most months, I tend to look at a few things such as attendance, effort level and overall improvement. Caroline has displayed all of these during the past month, she’s been to over 20 classes, been performing great in all the workouts but primarily her effort level has been amazing. She’s taken her intensity to a new level and it shows in her performance. Effort is a huge attribute to me not only at the gym but in life, it’s the only thing 100% in your control! Great job Caroline!” – Coach Nick

“Caroline has been a member here almost since the day we opened. She is one of our original members who has been there through so many changes, good and bad, but always came back because she believes in us and the community. She is always open to criticism and coaching, always looking to get better. Even if the workout is so hard and difficult, she always has a smile on her face and cheering on everyone else in class. Caroline has been one of my top picks for member spotlight for a while now, and I’m very excited to be able to honor her with this.” – Coach Andrew
Let’s learn more about Caroline…
What do you do out in the real world? 

– I work in Technical Operations for AMC Networks. Basically, I lead the team that creates and distributes our content for VOD and OTT services like Netflix, iTunes, Hulu etc.

What brought you to Islip CF? 

– I was in a relationship with a former member who was constantly trying to convince me to try it. After a year of nagging I finally dropped in for a class and the rest is history ️

How long have you been doing CrossFit? 

– 3.5 years – I can’t even believe it!

What was your first CF workout? What did you think after it?

– I really don’t remember exactly what my first wod was but I remember it had back squats and handstand push ups and I thought to myself “OMG what am I doing here?! I can’t do this” But then I looked over to my left and saw Maggie and Donna. If anybody can motivate you, it’s watching those two move weight. That was all I needed to keep going.

What changes have you made in your diet or workouts that have been the most successful? 

– Well I must admit, my diet can use some work. It’s been a roller coaster. But the biggest change I have made is that I’ve been more consistent with my workouts. I’ve learned to scale appropriately, really focusing on form and figured out the right amount of rest I need for my body.

Favorite Cheat Meal? 

– Uh any and all carbs! Oh and dark chocolate

Most embarrassing/funniest gym moment? 

– The first time I peed my pants! I was back squatting 190 and there it went – full stream! I laugh about it now but I was mortified when it happened.

Favorite movement? 

– Despite the “pee” incident…any type of squat. Back squats, front squats, overhead squats…basically if it has the word squat in it, I love it lol

Least favorite? 

– Tied between wall balls and rowing with thrusters a close second. These are not short people exercises lol

Favorite Benchmark WOD? 

– I love grace and isabel

Most memorable moment at Islip Crossfit?

– Watching newbies hit that first pull up or the veterans hit their first muscle up. Love seeing the excitement and smile on their faces when it happens. I also love watching members cheer on someone who is struggling to finish a WOD. We’ve all been there when we needed that little push to get through an especially difficult WOD. This is what crossfit is all about

How do you find/make time to get your workouts in?  

-I worked in the city up until recently, so it was very difficult because I only had one class choice…7p. (Nora, I feel your pain!) Everyday was a mad dash to catch my train. If I missed it or if it was late getting in, I’d miss that last class and it was the garage gym for me. I contemplated leaving for a while, but because it’s so close to my house and because of the people, I somehow made it work.

What motivates you to keep coming back each day? 

– Definitely the people. I’m blessed to work out with an amazing group of badass men and women!

What is your favorite part of Islip CrossFit? 

– Hands down, the people

What is your greatest achievement in your fitness so far?

– Finally reaching the masters division Seriously, I’m the strongest I’ve ever been and for that I’m grateful.

What has been the most challenging part? 

– Pushing myself outside my comfort zone

If you could program it, what is your perfect workout?

4 Rounds

15 – Front Squat

12 – Push Press

9 – Overhead squat

6 – HSPU

Short term goal? 

– Improving my technique on my lifts and double unders. I just can’t seem to get them…it’s so frustrating!

Long term goal? 

– Staying healthy and injury free!

What/Who motivates or inspires you? 

– All the ladies I work out with…I feel like we push and encourage each other to reach our fitness goals.

Favorite Quote?

– I have a few but I really like: “Make your heart the most beautiful thing about you”

What Superhero are you? 

– Wonder Woman – Doesn’t every girl want to be her?!?

Biggest Fear?

– Drowning

Something no one at the gym knows about you?

– I’m terrified of butterflies (stupid I know) lol

If you aren’t at the box, where would we find you?

– Probably, curled up on my couch stuffing my face and binge watching something on Netflix.

If you won lotto, what would you do? 

– I’d probably take care of the special people in my life, then say “peace out bitches!” and travel the world until I find some fabulous place to live out the rest of my days.

Who is your celebrity crush? 
– Channing Tatum – He’s beautiful

Last pic on your phone? 

– A picture of my homemade granola. That’s what I’d be stuffing into my face if when I’m not at the box

Favorite workout music?

– I love all genres, but I mainly listen to pop and hip hop

Best Vacation? 

– Florence, Italy

Summarize your lifestyle in 5 words or less

-Gay….and by that I mean happy

Advice for a new member or someone thinking of trying CrossFit? 

– Don’t be intimidated. Anyone can do this! Focus on your technique, don’t worry about what others are doing, scale appropriately, be consistent and the results will come.

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