April Member Spotlight–Jeannette Delgado

This month’s member spotlight goes to the double under wonder, our girl, Jeannette Delgado. Jeannette has shown us how that perseverance wins. She has made leaps and strides since her early days of CrossFit and she has never given up on her goals. She is our class mom, our friend, our very loud grunter, our photographer, and part of our social committee. Whether she is taking our picture, wodding with us, or just updating the social calendar, Jeannette is always giving us her best and she is 110% deserving of April’s member spotlight. Please join us in congratulating Jeannette and celebrating her latest successes while we honor her this month.

Tell us about yourself? 

 I am a 44 year old wife, mother and teacher. I have been married to my husband Michael, who better get his ass back to the gym, for 15 years. I have an 18 year old step-daughter, a 12 year old daughter and a 9 year old son. Way back when in the 90’s- I was accepted to the Fashion Institute of Technology where I was going to study photography. Plans changed and I wound up attending a few other colleges before I got my teaching degree from SUNY Old Westbury. Later, I received my Masters in Reading from CW Post.

What do you do out in the real world?

 I teach second grade in the Brentwood School District. I have been teaching in Brentwood for the past 18 years, 11 years in second grade and 7 in Kindergarten. Before getting my teaching job I was a teacher’s assistant and the color guard instructor for the Brentwood marching band. 

What brought you to Islip CF? 

My friend Nadine Scott. One of the original owners was a high school friend of hers and he had asked her to come down and check the place out. Michael had recently gotten into triathlons and a few of the women he trained with also did CrossFit. I had expressed some interest but was told jokingly “You can’t do that”- you see at that time I was 40 and hadn’t worked out a day in my life. Ok, maybe I took 1 or 2 spin classes or step aerobics (yes, you can laugh) but never had I worked out. I didn’t even play sports in high school, I instead was that girl smoking under the bleachers. Myself, Nadine and another friend, Melissa went down that Saturday morning to check the place out. I laugh about it now but I must have looked like a deer in headlights when the workout started- a few people were doing a sample workout to show us “newbies” what we were getting into. I remember thinking to myself “shit, I can’t do this!”- But, I signed up anyway. Those first few months were rough, really rough! I remember not even being able to get dressed or undressed without help. But I toughed it out to the surprise of everyone, even myself. 

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

4 Amazing years 

What was your first CF workout? What did you think after it? 

I really don’t remember what the workout was but I do remember who was coaching the class- Jon Lien. He will often tell people about that first workout when he asked me to pick up the 15lb training bar and I looked at him like he was crazy.
Thank you Jon for always reminding me just how far I have come since that first day.

What changes have you made in your diet or workouts that have been the most successful?

Since starting CrossFit my diet has changed drastically!! I lived on carbs… pasta at least 2 to 3 times a week, rice or potatoes with every meal and bread- lots of bread!!! Now my carbs come from my fruits and vegetables, pasta maybe once a month and bread… what’s that?  

I have become the QUEEN of crock pot clean/paleo meals. I cook in the crock pot every night, plan out my meals for the week and prep on the weekends so I am never without “good” food.

Favorite Cheat Meal?

Without a doubt…. MACARONI AND CHEESE!!!! From the box, homemade, from a restaurant- it does not matter to me. I LOVE it anyway you make it. I have been known to make it and not even bother with a bowl… Eat the entire box right out of the pot!! 

Most embarrassing/funniest gym moment?

UGH! I cannot believe I am going to put this in writing…. Steve and Andrew were coaching me through a heavy squat clean and well let’s just say I had a small bladder issue…. I PR’d that day and got a high five from both of them. LOL

Thank you Steve and Andrew for always encouraging and supporting me even during my most embarrassing moments.  

Favorite movement?  

Let’s see…. Hummmmmm…. Just kidding, of course Double Unders 

Least favorite?

Gymnastics move would be Hand Stand Push Ups. Mainly because I can’t figure out how to do them (and I look ridiculous trying to do them)
The other would be Thrusters…. They suck the life right out of me.

Benchmark WOD?

 Annie- because it’s sit ups and double unders. Also, I know it’s crazy, but I really like Murph- when it’s over!! The feeling of accomplishment is amazing, however, I hate every minute of it while I am doing it.

Favorite memory 

Without a doubt this was September 19, 2013 the first time I Rx’d a workout. I remember the date because it was the day before my 41st birthday. The movement was a light shoulder to overhead, maybe 55 lbs. Nick was coaching and was confident that I could do it, I however was full of doubt. I remember failing my first 2 reps during the workout, Nick came over, told me to take a deep breath, calm down and lift the bar… So I did! I cannot even express all the feelings I had that day, but I am pretty sure that was the day I was “HOOKED”.

Thank you Nick for always having more confidence in my abilities than I do in myself and for always encouraging me to push myself a little harder. I know I am not always the easiest to work with and it can be frustrating at times but just know that you have given me so much more than a healthier lifestyle.  

What motivates you to keep coming back each day?

100% the community that we have built. Other places may have better this, or more that, but I think Islip has that something special that other places can’t offer. I recall Jim Sweeny once saying to me – “Friendships like this don’t usually happen at this stage of your life”- and he is absolutely right- I thank my lucky stars everyday that it did happen.

Something no one at the gym knows about you?

 This one is rough…. I feel like my life is an open book- maybe a little to open at times (lol) –Bananas – I absolutely HATE Bananas. I will not eat them, and it totally freaks me out to even touch them- NASTY!!!! (I think a few of you even know that)

What is your greatest achievement in your fitness so far?

I would like to think that it is inspiring others, but I think that sounds a little egotistical….

So I will go with showing my children that a mom can be so much more than “just a mom”. I love getting home from the gym and my kids asking me “how was your workout?” or “did you RX?”. I feel like I am teaching them that it is possible to take care of yourself while you are taking care of others and that women can be strong, beautiful and smart.

 What has been the most challenging part?

 Easy… getting out of my own head. I struggle with this every day. Not sure I will ever really conquer this but I am working on it.

Short term goal?  

Increase the number of pull-ups I can do in one set and learn how to do a chest to bar. 

Long term goal?

 To finish in the top 100 of the open for my age group when I am 50.

What/Who motivates or inspires you?

All of the strong, beautiful women we have at Islip. We may not always be at our best, but somehow we all manage to get it done, rally around each other and lift one another up. The strength and courage that so many of you show, is truly amazing. It inspires and motivates me every single day. I have so much love and respect for each and every one of you.

Favorite Quote?

 It is what it is!

What Superhero are you?

 I asked Joe this one… He said Superman, because I do so many things for everyone (Love my little boy)

Biggest Fear?

The Ocean- many of you know I would rather burst into flames on the beach than go anywhere near that water. Really it should be getting into the water, because unless it is Africa hot out you will not even see me in a pool.

Favorite workout music?

Honestly, I do not even notice or hear the music when I am working out. I am so busy, counting, remembering to breathe, what comes next, and so on. The music just drowns out my low grunts… but not the loud ones -lol

 Best Vacation?

 Without a doubt our yearly trips to Lake Placid. Something about being in a small town, disconnected from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and lounging by the lake (which I do not go in) is so relaxing and reenergizing. Last year they opened a CrossFit in town, which makes the vacation even better. 

Advice for a new member or someone thinking of trying CrossFit.. 

Don’t be shy, try not to be intimidated and just keep showing up. Get to know the members and their stories. Everyone started at the same place, even though it may not look like it now we were ALL once “newbies”.

 Don’t stop showing up- I know it can be difficult, I know it can be exhausting and you are so very sore. But keep coming! Come to Barbell on a Friday at 7pm, stick around have a beer, come to Sunday Funday partner workouts.

Don’t be afraid, you CAN do it and it is so worth it. 

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