July 2017 Member Spotlight

July 2017

Islip Crossfit Member Spotlight

Congratulations to our July Member Spotlight, our curly haired, twisted rope rockstar, Nora! We have seen Nora transform tremendously over the last few years into one of Islip’s strongest and fastest members. We love her intensity and drive to always beat the guys with some friendly competition. Nora is an inspiration for all and a great model of determination. She may be late, but she always makes it! Keep up the great work, Nora- Congratulations!!

Tell us about yourself?

I live in Brightwaters with my husband Scott, two crazy boys Terrence (5) and Kyle (4) and the best dog in the world, Mr. Riggs!


What do you do out in the real world?

I work in European equity for a French bank in the city


What brought you to Islip CF?

My husband mentioned crossfit to me a bunch of years ago when I was doing a lot of triathlons and a few years later I saw a Groupon and went for it


How long have you been doing CrossFit?

April was 3 years


What was your first CF workout? What did you think after it?

I have a terrible memory so would never remember that but I do remember not being able to walk up my stairs and my husband getting such a kick out of it


What changes have you made in your diet or workouts that have been the most successful?

Lots of both have changed over the past 3 years but most recently starting macros has been the most successful and also the most realistic for me. Once you get the hang of it, it is kind of a fun way to eat and keep you on track


Favorite Cheat Meal?

I would probably say cheese – cheese & crackers, cheese pizza, cheeseburgers, etc…


Most embarrassing/funniest gym moment?

I can’t really think of a single moment but the funniest picture is from DU’s during the open this year. I laugh every time I see it


Favorite movement?

Cleans, hang cleans and some hspu’s


Least favorite movement?

Not sure if it is my least favorite but the one I need the most work with are snatches, the one that crushes me are front squats and TTB and I have not been friends lately either


Favorite Benchmark WOD?

Can never keep them straight and would have to start looking them up to figure it out but my least favorite to date is The Seven (is that even a benchmark WOD?). That being said I will do it again someday and I will PR!


Favorite memory OR most memorable moment at Islip Crossfit?

I would never knock a PR, it is awesome to see those gold stars but nothing has been more satisfying than the 2 times (so far) that I beat Nick Ullman in a metcon, most recently being last week


What motivates you to keep coming back each day?

Becoming stronger than I thought I would ever be, watching my body change and all the support I get from the friends I have made!


Something no one at the gym knows about you?

That I am actually in my 30’s, I know I know you all thought I was in my early 20’s


What is your greatest achievement in your fitness so far?

Getting to a point that I have fun working out. I still have my bad days when I am slow and everything feels heavy but I always push through and come back for more


What has been the most challenging part of your CrossFit experience so far?

Getting to class on time J

Short term goal?

Butterfly pullups


Long term goal?

Muscle Ups (maybe I should practice them)


What/Who motivates or inspires you?

Terrence & Kyle! I hope that if I live an active & healthy lifestyle they will follow


What Superhero are you?

I don’t feel very super hero-ish but I asked T&K their thoughts and Kyle said batgirl, because she is a girl. I’ll take it


Biggest Fear?

Bears!! They scare the crap out of me, they are huge, strong and there is no way to get away from them – they run, climb and swim


Favorite workout music?

Once the clock starts I don’t normally hear the music but always fun when some 90’s rap/hip hop from high school/college comes on


Best Vacation you have ever been on?

Jamaica was my favorite tropical trip. I also studied abroad in London for 5 months and travelled all over Europe. Even though I was “studying” I had the time of my life


Advice for a new member or someone thinking of trying CrossFit?

Don’t not try it because you’re intimidated. I would say most everyone is intimidated when they first walk in the door but you may surprise yourself, I know I did!

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